Savings Accounts

Regular Share Account

Start building your savings at ECFCU with our traditional savings account. Membership begins with a $25 initial deposit that you can add to at any time. (Maximum $500,000 total account balance limit per member.)

Special Shares

Open a secondary savings account for any reason with as little as $1 minimum deposit. Saving for a "Wedding", "Car Repairs", or "Vacation"? You can create a separate savings account for any special reason. You name it and we help you save for it! (Up to 19 Special Shares per account.)

Holiday Club

Make your holiday shopping easier by saving throughout the year. This term account can be opened at any time, can be added to throughout the year, and matures on the first Friday in November. Just in time for your shopping pleasure! (Maximum $10,000 in total deposits. Early withdrawal fees apply.)

Share Certificates

Set money aside for terms from three months to one year and earn more on your money with a share certificate account. (Minimum balances and early withdrawal penalties apply.)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Get a head start saving for retirement or college with our Traditional and Roth IRAs and Educational Savings Accounts. (Consult with your tax professional for advice on potential benefits and tax implications of IRA accounts.)